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Meiru Sakurai


October 16th, 2007

Meiru had purchased a teleporter from the Nexus Mall after much thought, and used it often to go back and forth between her world and the world she trained Pokémon in frequently. On some days, however, she didn't mind dealing with the Nexus and would go through there.

On this particular day she was sitting on a Random Nexus Couch near her own world's portal, doing absolutely nothing important. Well, she was playing with her PokéNav, but that wasn't important.

December 17th, 2006

Meiru was out for an afterschool stroll in the Nexus. She wasn't doing anything or looking for anyone in particular. It was just that some parts of the Nexus were just so nice to think in. She wasn't expecting to run into anyone, much less someone she knew.
Roll was in her PET and Houndour in its Pokeball. Keeping mental track of only where she came from, she wouldn't have noticed anything unless she stumbled over it.

October 17th, 2006

OOC: Song List

Because I feel like it and I was struck by a sudden inspiration.

1. Get Over by Dream (J)
Reason: Pretty much because I saw the video 'Digital Love' done by Synchro-kun. It does strike me as fitting Meiru and Roll pretty well though, especially the set I play.
Used For: General theme

2. Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall (E)
Reason: I was listening to it and felt it fit. That's pretty much all of it.
Used For: Friendship theme

3. Fairyland by Ayumi Hamasaki (J)
Reason: I originally discovered it thanks to V2-mun, who put the lyrics in kanji up on Enzan's 'guess-who' quiz. That made me want to find it, and it strikes me as a good song for Meiru.
Used For: Crushes

4. Motherland by Crystal Kay (J)
Reason: ...because Winry's in that FMA ending and I think Meiru's a lot like Winry. I never said it would be a good reason, okay?
Used For: Love

5. Hono'o no Tobira by FictionJunction feat. YUUKA (J)
Reason: Other than that it fits, I don't have one really.
Used for: Emotions

Possibly more to come. If there is, I will LJ-cut them, because it'll probably get long.

October 16th, 2006

Log Entry: Pokemon Training

I've been trying to train my Houndour lately. I've had a fair bit of success. If anyone gives him a strange look I just tell them he's a new type of dog...although I'll have to make sure he doesn't set anything on fire around anyone else. Enzan thinks it's cool though, he would.
I don't have any Pokemon food or Pokeblocks, but he seems to like dog food well enough.
He knows Ember, Leer, and Bite at least, that much I know. I'll have to find an isolated part of the Nexus or another world (maybe a Pokemon world!) to explore his abilities further in, though.
The Nexus really is a wonderful place that makes all your dreams come true! I always wanted a Pokemon, and now I have one of my favorites.

...The number of Enzans I have to apologize to now is staggering, though. I had no idea those LOL cookies would do so much damage.

October 8th, 2006

Meiru, in Cross Fused R-Roll form, was still searching the Nexus for the younger Enzan. If he had been sent somewhere dangerous...well, she would do her best to find him. Fortunately she knew where the portal to the older Enzan's world was from her Enzan, so she could take him back there when she found him.
The Cross Fusion just showed she was ready for something dangerous.
Try near that area there, Meiru-chan, Roll suggested. The portal looks similar to ours.

September 23rd, 2006

Meiru was sitting in a 'quiet' spot in the Nexus, attempting to study. Of course, she still felt upset that she had upset LC so much, but didn't know what she could do about it. But she was there, so he could find her if he wanted to.
She couldn't really focus on studying. Meiru hated upsetting people. So much so that she'd forgotten to tell everyone about the gossip she'd heard with the older Enzan's help.
That, to her, was really upset.

August 29th, 2006

So. Blues-chan showed us something interesting the other day.
It was a place called the Nexus, and there are loads of people there. I met two Enzans, a Netto (who is a boy!), a Blues with a different armor color, and a couple of other people. Morals are looser than I thought, though. Some of them are willing to kill.
Enzan and Netto have both been there. I can't wait until I talk to them about it! Then we can tell Tohru and it can be a place the four of us go to just hang out.

Meiru closed her diary and put at one side of her desk. She was thinking about going to see Netto--they lived next door to each other, after all--but decided against it. It was starting to get late. They'd see each other tomorrow.

August 26th, 2006

"Just a little further," Blues instructed.
Roll didn't look so sure. "Blues-chan...are you sure about this? Isn't it Enzan-kun's secret?"
"It's fine. Look, he said he was going to tell you guys anyways. He's just...busy."
Meiru crept along the back way behind Sci-Lab cautiously, frowning as she felt a tingle in the air.
"...I think it's around here somewhere." She reached out her free hand, the one not holding the pink PET, cautiously. "Yes, this is it, I think."
"Is something wrong with Enzan-kun?" Roll had picked up an underlying tone in Blues' voice.
The other Navi remained silent for a minute, then shook her head. "Nothing I would feel right burdening you with. Meiru-chan, could you plug me in to the lock over there? I should get home."
The redhead nodded and aimed the PET beam at the infrared port. Blues jumped the beam, and Meiru let go of the button before it pulled her own Navi out as well. She held her hand in the air where the odd tingle was again. It felt like static electricity against her skin.
"Ready, Roll-chan?"
"Whenever you are!" The Navi sounded excited. Meiru grinned, and stepped through the portal into the Nexus.
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