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Girl Power

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Meiru Sakurai
16 April
((Roleplay journal for sages_of_chaos. Meiru and Roll are, sadly, fictional. Original characters by Capcom. Icons made by mun. If you like them, you can take them, just credit back to OOC journal blueswhistle.))

Okay, I've had this thing way too long to not have any backstory up. So here we go:

Meiru is from the same universe as lighter_shadow, hopefullight, and hikawa_tohru. It's a highly AU version of Rockman.exe--where Enzan has his mother alive instead of his father and is happy, Meiru has always been considered nearly on par with Netto when it comes to Netbattling (after all, Netto is female too) and the cast is now older and moved on into somewhat normal lives. Though they are all in their mid-teens, Axess has happened yet Stream has not. Also, Meiru can Cross Fuse. *felt that was important to say*

Meiru is a tenacious and sweet girl who tries to do the best for her friends. She doesn't give up easily and is determined to prove she is an equal to the others. She can have a secret devious side sometimes, as shown by her love of spreading gossip (and the infamous colored cookie LOL), but she gets upset when a mistake or plan of hers hurts a friend. She always does her best to make it up to those she may have caused serious trouble for. Meiru is also a fairly avid gamer and can probably put to shame most people on useless game trivia (possibly excepting her Enzan, but there's no guarantee of that.)

Roll's devious side is a little more obvious, but she is just as kindhearted and determined as her operator deep down. She shares a close friendship with her world's Blues as well, possibly even more so than Rockman (who, in her world, has a tendency to be a bit of a jerk.) Roll can be a very devoted friend once you get on her good side, but don't get on her bad side.

Meiru and Roll have recently spent what seemed to them as three years in a Pokemon-based world with darker_enzan. In the Nexus, Meiru appears 18, although she will be her normal 15-year-old self on other worlds due to the magic of the Nexus. Her spare Pokemon are contained in her home computer.

Pokemon on hand: Houndoom, Clefable, Bellossom, Gardevoir, Masquerian, Jolteon.
Roll's: Swampert, Wigglytuff, Togetic, Ledian, Grumpig, Raichu.